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Klipsch Belle Upgrades

The finest Belle Klipsch upgrades available  .  .  .
all from one source

You can count on Volti Audio to supply you with upgrade parts that fit your speakers perfectly, work together as a system, and provide the highest quality of sound available for your speakers.

You can also count on us to get these parts out to you quickly, and to provide friendly customer service through the whole process.


We are now offering our customers the V-Trac-II midrange horn upgrade for the Klipsch Belle.  This new horn has all of the same great features and attributes of the original, but with an improved horn throat section and improved damping.

Please note: throughout this website you will see photographs of the original V-Trac midrange horns.   Photographs of the new V-TracII midrange horn are forthcoming.  We appreciate your patience.   

Our complete, top-of-the-line upgrade package transforms a pair of Belle speakers into world-class horn speakers that can stand toe to toe with the best horn speakers available.  The cost of this upgrade package is $4,422 plus shipping

2 - Beyma CP-25 Tweeters ($398/pr)
2 - Volti Audio Belle V-TracII Midrange Horns ($1,199/pr)
2 - BMS 4592ND-Mid Midrange Drivers ($1,300/pr)
2 - Volti Audio VTB-400 Crossover Networks ($1,050/pr)
2 - Crites 1526C Woofers ($325/pr)
Wiring Kit (8 pieces - $150)

Please note underlined links to individual component webpages below, where you'll find more detailed information about each piece

We have many customers who prefer to upgrade one component at a time, or to purchase a smaller package as an alternative to the complete top-of-the-line package.   We can accommodate any requests.  Here's more information on partial upgrades, as well as individual component pricing listed below.

If you were to choose only one component in your Belle speakers to upgrade, we would recommend it be the midrange horn.  The stock Belle midrange horn is a perfect horn to use if you want to illustrate what a 'honky' horn sounds like.  The tiny (11/16" diameter inlet), and small size of this horn, is responsible for creating colorations and a constricted sound to the midrange that is completely unacceptable by modern horn speaker standards, and also completely fixable with the upgrade to the Volti Audio Belle V-TracII Horns.

Open up, warm up, and smooth out the midrange with the Volti Audio V-TracII horn.  You'll be amazed at how this midrange horn improves everything about your Belles - even the upper bass takes on better definition and detail.  You'll need our V-120 adapters to use with your stock K55 drivers.  The price for the V-Trac horns and the midrange adapters is $1,399.  With this setup, you'll continue to use your stock K77 tweeters and stock crossovers.

Belle V-TracII Horn

V-120 adapter, with stock K55 driver attached

You might consider adding the Beyma CP-25 Tweeters with your purchase of the V-TracII horns.  The V-TracII horns come with a box built into the horn frame that holds any number of different tweeters - each with its own motorboard mounting it into the frame.  If you order the Beyma tweeters with the midrange horns instead of waiting until a later date, you will save the cost of the second pair of motorboards at that time.   The Beyma tweeters really extend the high frequencies much more so than the stock K77 tweeters, and they are very smooth and sweet sounding compression tweeters at a very reasonable price point.  

When we order a new batch of CP25's, we inspect and end up rejecting about 20% of the order that our distributor sends us because they don't meet our high standards.  The ones that do make it past the intial inspection are modified by us to provide a smoother response than the stock factory ones.  So when you buy Beyma CP25 tweeters from Volti Audio, you are getting the very best sounding CP25's there are.

Belle V-TracII horns, V-120 midrange adapters, and Beyma CP25 tweeters - $1,797

This is what we consider the perfect "starter package" for those who are on a tight budget, but still want great "bang for the buck" sound improvement for their Belles.

Beyma CP25 Tweeter

Beyma Tweeter and Motorboard Mounted in V-Trac Frame

Another upgrade you might consider, after doing the midrange and tweeter upgrade, is to change out the old crossovers for the Volti Audio VTB-400 Crossover Networks.  Similar in design philosophy to the Klipsch 'Type-A' Balancing Network (a very simple design that was Mr. Klipsch's favorite), the VTB-400 crossovers have just a few, carefully chosen parts to do the job of balancing the system.  Unlike the old Klipsch 'Type-A' networks, the parts used in the Volti Audio crossovers are much higher in quality, and there is a degree of flexibility built into the networks that allow the end-user to adjust their system sound to their own liking.

The VTB-400 networks perfectly integrate the components of the Belle and let's the system speak with one voice, for a musical experience that is as pure as the source.  Works great with stock components, and sets you up for being able to use all the Volti upgrades in the future.  They come with tweeter attenuation built in.

VTB-400 Crossover Networks

Individual Component Pricing

Volti Audio Belle V-TracII Horns
 . . . . $1,199/Pair with Klipsch #7 new black cloth
 . . . . $1,274 with Klipsch #17 old-style black cloth

Volti Audio V-120 adapters - $200/Pair

BMS 4592ND-Mid 16ohm, 2" outlet midrange drivers - $1,300/Pair

Beyma CP-25 Tweeters - $398/Pair

Volti Audio VTB-400 Crossover Networks - $1,050/Pair

Volti Audio VX Crossovers - $499/Pair

Crites 1526C Woofers - $325/Pair

Six-piece Wiring Kit - $150

V-TracII horn

V-TracII horns

V-TracII horns

BMS Drivers

Crites Woofers

New Wiring

VX Crossovers

A lower priced alternative to the VT crossovers

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Upgrades Installation Photo Instructions
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