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The Fc260II DIY Horn

Please note: throughout this webpage you will see old photographs of the original Fc260 midrange horn.   Photographs of the new Fc260II midrange horn are forthcoming (There's not much difference in the way they look).   We appreciate your patience.

These are the same horns used in the Khorn V-Trac, except without the grill frame/tweeter box attached, and without the grill cloth.   Built with a 2" throat and a known tractrix flare.

The Fc260 has a design cutoff frequency of 260Hz.  With this type of midrange horn, the crossover point is recommended to be one-half octave above Fc, or in the case of the Fc260, about 400Hz.  With a 2" driver designed to be crossed over at or below 400Hz, the Fc260 will cleanly cover the frequency range of 400Hz - 6000Hz with good upper midrange dispersion.

These horns are not intended to be used as stand-alone, exposed horns; although many of my customers do use them that way, with a few modifications to make sure they stay in place on top of a cabinet and to keep them from tipping with the weight of the drivers.  They do not have the type of finish quality that you would get if they were horns meant to be shown off.  They are 'raw' horns to be used by DIY speaker builders, and they are intended to be used as horns incorporated into a speaker cabinet and covered with grill cloth.  And so, the end-user should be prepared to add mounting flanges, bracing, brackets, etc... - whatever is needed to incorporate them into the project being built.

The Fc260 horn mouth dimensions are 23" x 9-3/4", and they are about 15" deep, including the motorboard.  They come with a leveling foot, and will sit flat and level on a flat level surface, although, as stated above, they are really not intended to be used like this.

The quality of construction is what you would expect from Volti Audio - solidly built, using Baltic Birch plywood, with an epoxy damping layer applied to the curved sides, and painted with two coats of primer and two coats of satin black paint, which provides a smooth surface for the sound coming out of the horn, as well as sealing the horn from moisture that might damage it over time.

Fc260 horns are always sold painted black.

When you order a pair of Fc260II horns, you'll get two horns, two motorboards for 2" drivers, and hardware to mount the drivers; all carefully packaged and ready for shipping.   Price is $699.00 plus shipping.  Please contact me for a shipping quote.

Here is a picture of a set of Fc260 horns being used in a custom three-way speaker system.

The owner of this system sent me an email with some very nice comments . . . .

"You did a very nice job on these horns.  The workmanship is excellent".

"There is a noticeable tonal difference between these and the Jabo horns I was using.   I would say it's a bit more smooth, and more life-like especially on vocals and piano.  It may be a psychological thing but, it seems more "woody".   It's kind of less bright even though I run them only from 600 to the natural rolloff of the BMS driver (about 6500 Hz). I am very pleased with the sound".

"These horns are wonderful, I'm selling the Jabo's".

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