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The Fc260 and Fc280 Horns

Please note - the photos on this page are of the Fc260 only.  The Fc280 looks exactly the same, but with smaller dimensions listed below.

These are the same horns used in the Khorn V-Trac (Fc260) and the Belle V-Trac (Fc280) horns, except without the grill frame/tweeter box attached, and without the grill cloth.   Built with a 2" throat and a known tractrix flare.

The Fc260 horn mouth dimensions are 23" x 9-3/4", and they are about 15" deep, including the motorboard.

The Fc280 horn mouth dimensions are 21-3/4" x 8-3/8" and they are about 13-1/2" deep, including the motorboard.

They sit level on a flat level surface, although they are not intended to be used like this, so if you do set them up this way, you will likely need to support the driver somehow to keep the horn from tipping back.

The are constructed of 3/4" plywood for the tops and bottoms, and 3/8" bendable lauan for the sides.  They are well glued and fastened, squared, sanded smooth, all fastener holes are filled and sanded, and they have two coats of primer and two coats of Satin paint - "Volti Black" color .

The braces that hold the motorboard are made of hardwood for strength, and so the bolts don't dig into the wood easily.  The braces are carefully glued and screwed to the horn body.

The motorboards are 1" thick MDF, and the throat expansion is carefully molded into the motorboard to transition from the 2" round to 2" square, where it connects to the horn.  A gasket material is placed at the connection point between the motorboard and the horn.   Accepts 2"-throat drivers with a standard four-bolt attachment.

The price includes careful packaging, ready for shipment.

When you order a pair of Fc260 or Fc280 horns, you'll get two horns, and two motorboards for 2" drivers for $499.00 plus shipping.  Please contact me for a shipping quote.

The Fc260 has a design cutoff frequency of 260Hz, the Fc280 has a design cutoff frequency of 280Hz.   Both horns have a recommended crossover point of 400Hz, and both will extend cleanly up to 6000Hz.

Both of these horns would be perfect for a variety of Do It Yourself projects where you need a basic horn to use in a speaker project, and you also want accurate reproduction and smooth response from 400Hz to 6000Hz.

They are not intended to be used as exposed horns (although many of my customers do use them that way), they are intended to be used inside a cabinet, or covered with grill cloth.

In order to maintain the low cost of these basic horns, they do not have any extra bracing, trim, or fancy finish work.  It is assumed that the person using these horns will add what is necessary to them to incorporate them into their speaker project.   It would probably be a good idea to protect the side edges of the horn, and also provide some kind of bracing/damping to the sides of the horn.

For instance, when I use the Fc260 to make the Khorn V-Trac horn, I am adding bracing, edge trim, and grill cloth, and I know they will be enclosed inside the top part of the Khorn cabinet.

If you would like me to add trim, enclosures, grill cloth, nicer paint, etc... that's no problem, just send me an email and we can figure out what would work best for you.

Here is a picture of a set of Fc260 horns being used in a custom three-way speaker system.

The owner of this system sent me an email with some very nice comments . . . .

"You did a very nice job on these horns.  The workmanship is excellent".

"There is a noticeable tonal difference between these and the Jabo horns I was using.   I would say it's a bit more smooth, and more life-like especially on vocals and piano.  It may be a psychological thing but, it seems more "woody".   It's kind of less bright even though I run them only from 600 to the natural rolloff of the BMS driver (about 6500 Hz). I am very pleased with the sound".

"These horns are wonderful, I'm selling the Jabo's".

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