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Klipsch Klipschorn Upgrades

Other Klipsch upgrade companies provide bits and pieces, but not one of them puts everything together the way Volti Audio does.  Volti's Klipsch upgrades are the very best available, designed to work together seamlessly, and they are all available from one source.

  • Tweeters
  • Midrange Horns
  • Midrange Horn Adapters
  • Midrange Drivers
  • Crossover Networks
  • Woofers
  • Wiring Kits

  • Volti Audio offers the very finest upgrades for the Klipsch Klipschorn, to bring out the best sound available from this great speaker design.

    You can install these upgrades in minutes with common household tools.

    Each upgrade has been carefully built or selected to provide quality and value.  You will appreciate the packaging materials used to ship them, the fit and finish of the products, the precise way each piece fits together, and of course the unparalleled sound quality.

    These are the parts and pieces that I developed, built or discovered for my own Khorns, and they're exactly what I recommend to all my customers who are looking for the very best sound from their Khorns.

    I keep all of the Khorn upgrade products in stock and ready for immediate shipment.   You can count on high quality, fast service, and free consultation regarding your purchases from Volti Audio.

    Please click on the links in the menu to the left, to learn more about each of the products we have available to upgrade the Klipsch Klipschorn.

    Visit the V-Trac Installation Webpage and see how easy it is to install these upgrades in your own Khorns.  Click HERE

    Upgrade in steps, or upgrade all at once?

    There are many different ways to put together our upgrades.   Below I've listed a few different package options with pricing so you can get a basic idea of what it costs to upgrade Khorns.  Prices do not include shipping.  Please consult with me about your options, I'll help you choose what will work best for you and your budget.

    Please note:   Prices are subject to change without notice, especially with drivers.  Our suppliers don't always keep us updated on cost increases.   Please contact me for a quote with current pricing.

    Email For A Quote

    Packages and pricing are for upgrading a pair of speakers.

    Example Upgrade Package #1


    • Khorn V-Trac Horns
    • V-120 Adapters
    • VX Crossover Networks

    This package will substantially upgrade the midrange quality of the Khorn by replacing the old metal K400 horn with the larger and and much better sounding Volti V-Trac horn.  The V-120 adapters "re-voice" the K55 drivers to mate up with the V-Trac and still leave the option open for adding the larger and higher quality 2"-outlet midrange drivers later on.  The VX crossover networks are affordable, high quality replacements for the old stock crossovers, and provide the same kind of flexibility for tuning the system as our more expensive VT networks.  With these networks, you will have the ability to attenuate the midrange output as well as choose from three different upper-bass settings.   The stock tweeters, wiring, and woofers remain.  You'll use your existing K55 midrange drivers.

    This is a great way to take that first step into upgrading your Khorns, and it sets you up for being able to add the other upgrades later on as the budget allows.

    Example Upgrade Package #2


    • Khorn V-Trac Horns
    • V-120 Adapters
    • Beyma CP25 Tweeters
    • VTK400 Crossover Networks
    • New Wiring Kit

    This package steps the sound quality up a couple of notches with a tweeter upgrade, that replaces the old stock tweeters with ones that provide a smoother and more extended high frequency range; and our higher quality VTK400 crossover networks.   The VTK400 networks are beautifully built, have some very nice features, and have higher quality parts as compared to the LP400 networks.  This package leaves out the big midrange drivers to save money initially, but gives you everything else you need to make a substantial improvement in sound quality from your Khorns.

    Example Upgrade Package #3


    • Khorn V-Trac Horns
    • BMS 4592ND Midrange Drivers
    • Beyma CP25 Tweeters
    • VTK400 Crossover Networks

    This package adds the big BMS midrange drivers to the mix, which when combined with the large format V-Trac midrange horns, makes for a remarkably smooth, effortless sounding midrange, and also provides that wonderful integration between the midrange and the upper bass of the bass horns.  Add the wiring kit for an additional $150, or make your own wiring.

    Example Upgrade Package #4


    • Khorn V-Trac Horns
    • BMS 4592ND Midrange Drivers
    • Beyma CP25 Tweeters
    • VTK400 Crossover Networks
    • Crites 1526C woofers
    • new wiring kit

    This is the top of the line package, with the big V-Trac horns, the best midrange and tweeter drivers, the fantastic VT crossover networks, upgraded woofers, and a wiring kit.  This package represents the State-of-the-art in performance for the Khorn format.

    Here's another option . . . .

    V-Trac horns and V-120 adapters for the K55 drivers will greatly improve the sound of the midrange in the Khorn, and at a cost of only $1,059 it is a great first step to take to upgrade your speakers.

    The links in the menu above will take you to individual pages that provide in-depth information about each upgrade.

    Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration