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Klipsch Khorn and Belle Upgrades

Greg Roberts
Benton, Maine, USA
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Volti Audio offers the very finest upgrades for the Klipsch Klipschorn and the Klipsch Belle, to bring out the best sound available from these great speaker designs.

You can install these upgrades in minutes with common household tools.

Each upgrade has been carefully built or selected to provide quality and value.  You will appreciate the packaging materials used to ship them, the fit and finish of the products, the precise way each piece fits together, and of course the unparalleled sound quality.

These are the parts and pieces that I developed, built or discovered for my own Khorns, and they're exactly what I recommend to all my customers who are looking for the very best sound from their Khorns and Belles.

I keep all of the upgrade products in stock and ready for immediate shipment.   You can count on high quality, fast service, and free consultation regarding your purchases from Volti Audio.

"I grew up with the Klipsch sound,
I have now grown up to appreciate better quality sound".
Greg Roberts

Klipsch Khorn Belle V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration