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2023 Khorn Restoration Project

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This Is The World's Most Complete
Source Of Upgrade Components
For The Klipsch Klipschorn and Belle Klipsch Speakers

Volti Audio offers the very finest upgrades for the Klipsch Klipschorn and the Belle Klipsch, to bring out the best sound available from these iconic speaker designs.

As great as these old speakers were and still are, the old components used in them simply are not up to today's standards.  There is much more music that can be coaxed out of our old Khorns and Belles when we replace the old components with carefully engineered, modernly designed components.   The Volti Audio upgrades improve dynamics, widen bandwidth, create a better tonal balance; and the sound becomes effortless and easy to listen to.  The vices that have plagued these old designs for decades are reduced or eliminated, without changing the high-sensitivity, exciting, powerful sound that we have always enjoyed.

You can install these upgrades in just a few hours with a few basic tools.

Each upgrade has been carefully built or selected to provide quality and value.  You will appreciate the packaging materials used to ship them, the fit and finish of the products, the precise way each piece fits together, and of course the unparalleled sound quality.

All of our upgrade products are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.   You can count on high quality, fast service, free consultation, and friendly customer service from Volti Audio.

Call me today.

Greg Roberts

A few nice customer testimonials:

Hi Greg-

Been meaning to send you a note for some time now  .  .  .  .  .  like every time I sit in front of these speakers  .  .  .  .  .  but I can never seem to get up and walk away!

I am still in awe of how great they sound with your upgrades installed!   Seriously.   I can't imagine any KHorn owner listening to these and then not immediately writing you a check.

I know, the upgrades are not cheap, but neither are KHorns and associated equipment.   I think the $4k was the best money I've spent on audio gear, maybe ever.

Really enjoying the Innuos Zen Mini, too, BTW.   Love the convenience and ability to organize.  Thank you so much for offering to help us with the rest of our system too.

Anyway, that's all.   Hope you and Laurie are doing well.

Very best, Jim

Sorry it has taken me so long to convey the feelings on the Klipschorn upgrades.

We have had many jawdrop instances in our multiyear sound journey.

First was the Klipschorns in 1982.   My wife spent one minute listening to them and made the decision to take them home.   No post purchase indecision at all.   Loved them from the second we got them home.

Second was the McIntosh MA6900 SS integrated amplifier.   We could not believe the jump in quality when pairing the Klipsch and the McIntosh.   Took our breath away.

Was surfing the internet and ran across your site with the upgrades.   Was hesitant to think the upgrades would make that big a difference.   Ran across Dan Kapeller's testimonial.   Could not believe what he was saying about the improvement, but his letter said call him, so I did!   After chatting at some length, I took a deep breath and ordered the full upgrade.   I was in a state of other worldliness when I started installing the upgrades!   I was taking my beloved Klipschorns apart and putting in non-klipsch replacement parts!

I was absolutely floored when we first turned them on!   This was an out-of-body experience we were having!   This did not even sound like the speakers we first brought home!   Words could not even express what we felt!   It just kept getting better and better!

This has turned into a trip that started in 1966 with simple components and ended two years ago with the upgrades from Volti.   Your upgrades have resulted in a mesmerizing sound.   People have simply listened to the sound and their eyes just glaze over.   It simply has to be listened to in person to believe it.

I am just sorry I did not have this terrific sounding speaker phenomenon earlier! Better late than never though!


I received my order today.  Beautiful workmanship!

From Greg Roberts, the owner of Volti Audio:

I'm sorry, I know it takes a lot of time to get through this website.  I've made it as concise as I can, while at the same time giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about upgrading your speakers.

Please take the time to read as much of this site as you can.  Especially the customer testimonials page linked below.  These are real Klipschophiles like yourself who have gone through the experience of wanting to make their speakers better, and they did it.  What they have to say is far more important than what I have to say.

Here's the link, please go check it out  .  .  .  Click     HERE    for our "Testimonials" page.

Volti Audio has been offering Upgrades for Klipsch speakers since 2009, and we've sold hundreds of Upgrades packages over the years, and helped hundreds of Khorn and Belle owners realize the true potential of what their speakers can offer.  It is truly our pleasure to serve our customers.  While our competitors come and go, offering parts and pieces of inferior quality, Volti Audio will always be here providing the very best products and service for our customers.  We know there are cheaper upgrade options out there, but we are not interested in competing that way.  We are here to provide the very best, and that does cost a bit more money to do.  If YOU want the very best, there really is only one option - Volti Audio.

Upgrade packages from Volti Audio offer you a fully engineered system, measured and tested; but more importantly, listened to.   The Volti Audio Upgrades components all work together seamlessly to provide a very high level of performance for the Khorn and Belle speakers.  It's a performance level that the original design deserves to have, and you deserve to have.

Volti Audio products are a step up in every way

I'm at your service.

Greg Roberts
Volti Audio

Klipsch Khorn Belle V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration