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Klipsch La Scala Upgrades

We currently have two products available to upgrade the La Scala 1 speaker - bass horn braces and bass horn grill frames.

La Scala I speakers have known resonance problems with the large, unbraced sides of the bass horn, and adding bracing to the sides is one way to reduce those resonances and improve the quality of the bass and mid-bass sound from the horn.

However, installing these braces can be very tricky and you should carefully evaluate your ability to do the work necessary to install these braces before you decide to purchase a set.

The first issue is that the braces are installed between the outside short side of the doghouse and the inside of the side of the bass horn - a space that is approximately 2-3/4" wide.  The problem is that this space is not the same from speaker to speaker, or from one side to another on the same speaker.  Different plywood batch thicknesses, along with production anomolies, cause this space to be slightly different size, and the braces must be cut and/or sanded to fit tightly in each one.

So I make these braces slightly oversized (2-7/8") so that you can sand them individually to fit tightly into each side.  This requires that you have the tools and a fair knowledge of working with wood to properly fit each brace.  Here's a picture of a brace just stuck into the side opening of the bass horn.   Note that the braces start out very close to the proper size, which is why I could stick it in there and have it hold in place for the picture.  But it is much too tight to actually push into the opening at this point.

The way I fit each brace is to use a random orbit sander to remove some of the material along the side (left side in this picture) of the brace, until I can easily slide it into the opening.

Once I get the brace tight against the angled part of the doghouse, I scribe and fit the angled part until it is tight.  So here it is fit into place, not too tight, but tight enough that it will sit there on its own.

The fitting of the braces is one thing, but then there's the issue of how to install the braces.  I wish I had a good way to recommend for installing these, but I don't.  It's a nasty job to glue them in, and it's an unattractive job to fasten them in with screws or nails from the outside and inside the doghouse.

It's important that they be glued to the sides of the cabinet, and I think polyurethane construction adhesive is the most reliable type of glue for the job.  But it's a messy and smelly product and should be used with caution.

You could make cleats of wood and attach those to the sides of the cabinet and then glue and brad nail the braces down into the cleats.

Here's a picture of a set of braces I put into a new LS cabinet.

So, I hope I'm making this clear to you, that installing braces is not easy and if you're not up to doing it for whatever reason, I think you should hire someone to do it for you, or just pass on the idea.  I know I'm not doing much of a sales job here!  LOL  I'm just being honest about it.

A set of four braces, in unfinished 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood is $75 plus shipping.

The braces are made so that grills can be installed in the front of them to create the "Voltiscala" look, with the double-V in the front, like these pictures show.

This is a real nice looking modification, and the grills completely hide the braces.  You don't need to have the braces to install the grill frames.

Here's what one of the grill frames looks like installed in front of the brace.  (please note this is one of the old grill frames made of luan - the braces are now made with Baltic Birch plywood)

These grill frames can be wrapped with regular stretchy grill cloth that is glued on, or covered with the original Klipsch cloth that is stapled on the backs.  Then they would be installed by first attaching small angle brackets to the top and bottom of the inside doghouse area, and velcro tabs installed on the angle brackets and the backs of the grills.

A set of four grill frames, in unfinished 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood is $75 plus shipping.

Many different cloths can be used for the grills.  A set of four cloth pieces, #7 Klipsch black, is $50 plus shipping.

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